I’m about to show you something so phenomenal that you will be surprised & shocked at the same time.

My name is Robert & I’m here to show you something called "MESMERIZING COMPLIMENTS".

These HIDDEN compliments make any man you choose feel instantly hungry & thirsty for your love.


Well it’s all possible and you’ll be able to do this starting minutes from now.

How can I be so sure you ask?

Well because it was actually used on me.

Here’s what happened.

This makes me feel oddly foolish but I have a well-earned reputation of being a womanizer.

And without getting into too many creepy details.

Let’s just say that that I never felt at ease unless I had a new extremely hot woman next to me every evening.

I know it was a nasty habit but I loved every minute of it.

I loved how I had this way with women where I barely ever tried…

Yet even the hottest woman would easily & willingly fall into my lap.

I had such a large number of women throwing themselves at me.

That I never wanted to be tied down by just “ONE” woman.

Heck, I actually believed that the very idea of “LOVE” was just plain silly.

But all that changed when I had the strangest encounter of my life.

One evening I was sitting at a cafeteria when I saw this tall blonde in a red dress…

Looking in my direction with a curious smile.

Being a natural flirt at heart, I quickly made my way to her table to introduce myself.

The closer I walked, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous she was.

Deep blue eyes, flawless complexion, gorgeous lush hair & her body showed off all the curves that a woman should have.

I was so mesmerized by her beauty that I didn’t even notice her friend who was sitting next to her.

And I stupidly started babbling like a 14 year old teenager who just stumbled upon his first big crush.

After about a minute or two into the conversation, I heard a slightly agitated female voice saying –

“Hello you guys! I am here too!”

Then her friend stretched her right hand towards me & said…

“Hi, I am Simone”.

On a quick glance, I noticed that Simone had a round little face & didn’t have any delicate curves like her friend.

Honestly, she completely paled in comparison to the “Sheer Attractiveness” of her friend.

I tried to pull my attention back to the hot blonde, but then Simone said something so mesmerizing…



That I couldn’t move & was literally stuck in my chair.


I sat there staring at her with an unblinking intensity as her compliments continued to consume me and every part of me.

Although she didn’t impress me at first but now I felt a strange attraction to her that I couldn't explain.

Suddenly everything about her, everything she did, struck a chord within me.

Every time she innocently smiled & dimples popped on her cheeks, my heart would literally jump as if someone had tickled it.

I was having my own little moment of pleasure.

I noticed her soft, graceful fingers as she delicately picked up her cup of coffee.

And felt a delicious sensation in my stomach each time her cherry lips met the cup.

I knew I was making a fool of myself staring at her like this.

But I was unable to pull my eyes away from her.

I was so lost in her words that the world around me faded.

Heck, it had been several hours & I didn’t even notice that the “tall blonde” had left in a huff, feeling ignored.

And my moment was ruined when suddenly Simone’s phone rang & she had to leave too.

So like all good things, the evening came to an end, far too quickly.

As we left the cafeteria and walked to the cars, I just kept staring at her…

Thinking how badly I wanted to touch her, feel her and run my fingers through her soft long hair.

But my dream was quickly shattered when she only gave me a quick little hug along with her phone number.

And even with that I felt like I had won a big award.

Over the next few days, I spent every moment just lost in thoughts of Simone.



I wasn't even able to ignore her for an hour.


Between fantasizing about her, talking to her, and being with her I didn't do too much more.

It seemed like the more time I spent with her, the more I started falling for her, and falling hard.

Now the idea of other women felt like a waste of time.

I couldn’t get myself to feel anything for them.

But whenever I looked at Simone, it just felt different, it felt right.

One evening we were walking hand in hand by the beach & I politely asked her for a kiss.

She smiled & said yes.

The moment our lips met, I knew my heart was no longer mine and I'd finally found my future.

In a sudden rush, my true feelings came flooding out as I stared deep into her eyes and said…

“I think I’ve fallen in love with you and I don’t know how it happened so soon.”

“You are absolutely perfect & the best thing to ever happen to me.”

But suddenly, I saw her expression change to worry.

She was twisting her feet in, kicking the sand as though she were about to tell me there was ‘someone else’

But then, she looked up at me and said…

“Look. I really like you too…ok?”

“But….I’ve been keeping a secret from you.”

“And I don’t want it to change how you feel about me, as I only did it because I cared.”

“What secret?”, I asked nervously.

“You’re going to think this is really crazy but I am secretly a female dating coach where I coach everyday regular women…”

“The art of attracting and keeping the man of their dreams and I do it using something called “Mesmerizing Compliments”.

“And I’ve kind of been using these on you.”

“That’s it?” I asked…

“Listen Simone, hearing all this makes you even sexier in my eyes…”

“Because what you gave me is exactly what every man wants in a woman but will never say it openly.”

“You stole my heart with your compliments & you’ve made me feel that deep love that can only be felt, never explained.”

“What else could a man ever ask for?”




But now I wanted to know who taught her all this…


Simone told me that many years ago…

She met a professional “Thought Reader”.

This man was a master at many “Hypnosis Tricks”.

Simone saw him do something unbelievable and honestly unexpected with the power of hypnosis.

This master was sitting with his client named Heather.

Heather was terrified because her boyfriend of 4 years shocked her when he bluntly said -

"I am sorry, this isn't working. I am not attracted to you anymore."

He even hinted that he has started seeing this new girl who was much younger and was a fitness model.

This teacher made Heather text over an innocent little "MESMERIZING COMPLIMENT" to this man and almost miraculously, he texted back in 17 minutes saying…

"I was an idiot. I am addicted to you and need you by my side forever. No other girl can ever replace you."

It was nothing short of magic and when Simone asked this teacher to explain how he did that…

What he told her changed her life FOREVER.

He explained that this wasn’t magic or fancy play of words rather it had to do with the male brain chemistry.

After years of scientific research it has been concluded that the male brain comes pre-wired with a HIDDEN TRIGGER of OBSESSION.

When a man hears certain kind of compliments, this hidden trigger gets activated.

And almost like being under a dose of a DRUG…

…he will experience an overwhelming flood of pure OBSESSION that leaves him no other option but to chase you for life.

The moment a man hears these mesmerizing compliments, his brain immediately releases phenyl ethylamine throughout his body.

This is also known as the “Love & Addiction Hormone” & causes him to feel instantly addicted to you with the deepest obsession of his entire life.



You know that feeling where your breath gets heavy, skin feels warm…


And goose bumps rise within you when you have fallen for someone?

These compliments trigger those exact feelings almost instantly.

At that point, Simone made it her mission to learn everything this teacher had to teach.

After about 2 years of studying under him, she carefully took notes, wrote day and night.

And finally had a complete guidebook of “Compliments” & started calling them “Lovetraction Lines - Mesmerizing compliments that leave men obsessed”.

But you see, Simone’s goal was to keep her lips absolutely sealed with this secret.

But seeing how every man suddenly had a mighty crush on Simone, her friends knew something was up.

Within no time, her friends started gossiping & Simone’s secret spread like wildfire across quite a large number of women.

Her phone started ringing off the hook.

And her inbox was full of emails from women asking her to share these compliments with them.

And much against her will, she was forced to share it with a small number of women.

She first shared her “Attraction Meow” compliment with a 38 year old woman named Jennie who was stuck with a man…

Who clearly told her that “He wasn’t looking for a relationship” right now.

Within 48 hours of using this compliment, as Jennie was stepping into her car, this same man appeared out of nowhere…

Pulled her towards him, kissed her gently and said –

“All night I’ve been imagining us being together.”

“I am falling for you like I've never fallen for anyone before & need you in my life.”

And then he talked about moving in with her.

Then there was a 53 year old woman named Gabriel who went on a date with this young stockbroker.

He was handsome, wonderful & in a sense the whole package.

But after the date this man texted Gabriel with a message that read –

“Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I'm not interested in another date.”

She gave Gabriel her “Precious Honeybunch” compliment and within a couple of hours of using this compliment…

This man was blowing up her phone telling her things like…

“We fit so well together. Our chemistry is like none other. Can I please take you to dinner tonight?”




And then there was Nancy who had fallen head over heels in love with a player…


Who had broken her heart more times than she could recall.

She gave her the “Emotion Devotion” compliment & much to her surprise…

This same man cut off contact with every other woman within a week and told her –

“I want to be with you, hold you, love you and protect you.”

“From this point on, I want to spend every living moment with you and only you.”

And they’re getting married next month.

After seeing so much demand, Simone decided to open her doors to help more women.

And till now she has helped over 391 women ranging from 18 to even 80 years old.

And for a while she was happy taking in all these women but then.

She told me that it was just too much for her.

A very large “Waiting List” had formed, and the list of impatient & hungry women grew.

As more and more ladies became desperate to get access to these “Lovetraction Lines”.

With limited time & resources, she just couldn’t help them all….

Plus the never ending calls she was receiving from women begging to be coached were getting to be too much.

Her story touched me so deeply that now I was inspired to help her.

And I reminded her that the answer she needed was right in front of her.

I asked her to turn all her knowledge into an online course!

That way she’d be able to reach every woman who needs her advice.

And that’s how the “Lovetraction Lines” online course was born.

This means within a few minutes from now, you’d be able to use these “Lovetraction Lines” on that one special man.

And watch as he feels deeply & madly in love with you almost like a hormone-driven teenager.

And this works in all kinds of relationships & even on that difficult man who might have rejected you in the past.

But there is a small problem & that is this –

These “Lovetraction Lines” are just too “EASY” to use. So easy that it’s slightly dangerous.

Honestly, I am ashamed to say this, but one woman misused these compliments to make a man leave his wife to come live with her.

And even made him pay for her house, car and other expenses.

Therefore, I need to warn you.

I can’t allow you to use these compliments for evil purposes.

So please, only continue to watch this presentation if you promise to never abuse this power.



Alright, here’s a tiny glimpse of exactly what you’ll learn…



Do you know about the “Soulmate Mishmash” compliment?

This instantly makes a man convince himself that you are the one he’s meant to share his life with…

Even if it’s the same man who was never going to marry you.

Now every time he’ll look at you, he’ll know in his heart of hearts that you’re the woman he wants to grow old with…

Will keep bringing up the future & will ask you to be his bride.



Is there a man you secretly desire & dream of having as your boyfriend who seems miles outside your league?

Try the “Precious Honeybunch” compliment on him & watch how he starts to “Shamelessly” chase you.  

And secretly spends his days wondering if you like him, if you ever think of him…

If you find him attractive & will desire you more than he has desired any woman before.




Do you know about the “Intimacy Yoo-Hoo” compliment?

This makes a man feel so emotionally connected to you…

That he’ll just want to pick you up in his arms and spin you around all day long.

He’ll look at you as though you were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

He’ll listen to you as if every word out of your mouth was more important than life itself.

And he’ll spend every moment trying to make you feel more desirable, protected & beautiful than ever before.




Have you ever given yourself completely to a man, only to feel used, lost & hurt…

Because he doesn’t see you as more than a “FLING”?

The “Emotion Devotion” compliment will make him crave you like a drug addict craves heroine.

He’ll candidly tell you things like…

“Other women can never replace the love & joy I feel when you hold me with those soft hands and look at me with those innocent eyes.”

“I really need you in my life.”



Do you fear that you’ve ruined your chances with a great guy by sleeping with him too early?

Use the “Sensation Grand Slam” compliment on him & watch how he suddenly feels this new, different & much stronger love for you.

So strong that every morning his first desire will be to pick up the phone & tell you “I LOVE YOU” a million times.



Did he reject you for another woman?

Use the “Rejection Squish-Squash” compliment & watch how he suddenly finds himself missing you so badly…

That every moment away from you will be like pure hell and torture for him.

Now his only wish would be to run straight to you, wrap his arms and legs around you & squeeze you tight.



Do you feel unloved & neglected by your man?

The “Fire In The Belly” compliment will re-ignite his feelings so rapidly that he would just sit next to you in silence…

And will stare at you for hours in loving obsession.

From the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed, he will constantly make you feel loved & desired…

As if you’re the most gorgeous woman in the whole wide world.




Do you know about “The Blind Sweetheart” compliment?

Use it on that wishy-washy man who doesn’t find you that appealing & then watch…

How he suddenly feels so sure about you, that he is ready to give himself completely to you.

Within no time, he will find his hands longing to touch you, his lips craving to kiss you…

And he will feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world around you.




Is he keeping his options open & dating other women?

Use the “Slap of Love” compliment on him & watch how he feels that you are his “One & only”…

Finds you perfect in every possible way & tells you –

“You are more precious than life itself.”

“I want my whole world to begin & end with you. You’re the only one I need in my life.”



Next the “Light of my life” compliment will make your ex convince himself…

That returning back to you is going to be the best decision of his life.

His mind will replay all the “Amazing” moments you two spent together like a beautiful movie…

And all his negative memories of you will rapidly fade away into the background…

Until he feels strong urges to run to your house & almost beg you to take him back.




You’ll also discover exactly how to become the woman who turns him on in ways…

Which go beyond just physical realms by using the “Secret Hanky-Panky” compliment.

The moment he’ll hear this, his cheeks will flush & his eyes will brighten up.

Suddenly, he’ll pull you close to place a tickling row of kisses down your neck…

While he declares how he secretly wants to worship your whole body from your head right down to your toes.



I’ll also show you the “Attraction Meow” compliment that you can use on that stubborn man who has either pushed you in the “Friends Zone”…

Or can’t see himself ever being in a relationship with you.

Now he’ll feel utterly convinced that you have all the right things he’s been looking for in a woman…

And won’t be able to stay away from you, because it won’t be within his control.



Do you know that you can make a man do almost anything & fulfill all your wishes using the “Queen Of My Heart” compliment?

This will inspire him to be the best man he can possibly be.

He’ll want to be the man who will protect you & fight for you.

The man who’ll love you unconditionally & will literally beg you to express your needs, just so he could fulfill them






Honestly, I could keep talking for the next 2 days…


And that still won’t be enough to cover every amazing thing you’re going to learn in this course.

So now it’s time to ask you the most important question.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to use these “Lovetraction Lines” & have that one special man tell you…

That you are the best woman a man can ever ask for?

To have him fall so deeply in love that he will never want anyone else’s touch but yours?

Since you’re still here, I know the answer is definitely yes.

Now if you were to attend one of Simone’s invitation only, secret seminars, it would cost you $497…

And even at that price, this information is an absolute steal & her plan was to price this course at $497.

However, a couple of months ago, Simone got an email from a woman…

Who had her 6 year fiancé walk out on her without saying a word.

Honestly to me, it’s the worst kind of rejection because you never even get to know the reason why they left you.

This woman was freaked out, stressed out & was begging Simone to bring the price down…

Because she really needed this but was financially tight.

It’s really painful for Simone to hear from these women because deep down she knows that they really need this information…

But just can’t get themselves to conjure up that kind of money.

So, I have forced Simone to do something but only for a very short amount of time and for the first few women only.

On her behalf, I’ve created a secure & private online website.

Where you can get access to “Lovetraction Lines” course within 5 minutes from now.

And just because you’re one of the first lucky ones watching this presentation…

I’ve put this course on a limited time sale that I’m calling the “Now or Never Sale”.

This means you won’t have to pay a full price of $497.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay $297.

As insane as it sounds, I’ll let you have the complete “Lovetraction Lines” course at a heavily discounted price of just $97…

But wait, as a part of this “Now or Never” sale if you hit the “Add To Cart” button below right now & enroll…

I’ll knock off another 50% and you can have the complete “Lovetraction Lines” online course for just $47.

Yes that’s correct, you get it all for a one-time payment of only $47.

You save $450 from the original $497 price tag and that’s a colossal 90% discount…



But wait!


I know you’ve worked hard for your money; therefore let me make it worth every penny for you.

I am so certain that these “Lovetraction Lines” will make any man feel a hormonal level of attraction for you…

That I’m ready to take all the risk away from you.

Here’s what I mean…

Click the “Add To Cart” button below and enroll in the “Lovetraction Lines” program right now.

Then spend no more than just one evening going through these fun, easy & extremely effective compliments.

Next, observe for yourself how easily you’re able to make that one special man love you & every little thing about you.

Now he will smile at you like he’s never smiled before, look at you like he’s never looked before…

And will openly tell you that he desperately wants, craves & actually needs you & only you.

If over the next 60 days you don’t notice that almost every man gets butterflies in his stomach around you…

And needs you in his life more than he needs to breathe.

Or you don’t like the program for any reason although I know that is never going to happen.

I want you to send me an email & I’ll be glad to give you a full no questions asked refund…

And I’ll still thank you for at least giving this a try.


Are you wondering how can Simone afford to make an outrageous guarantee like that?


Well, in all honesty, she’s putting her neck on the line & can easily go absolutely broke with a guarantee like this.

But, both her and I are not worried.

We’re not worried because I know that the moment you use these “Lovetraction Lines” on that one special man…

And see how quickly & rapidly feelings of pure love for you take over his body.

You’ll be writing emails of praises & thank you’s to us rather than asking for your money back.

So this isn’t really something which worries us too much.

And as a part of the “Now or Never” sale let me do something even more spectacular for you…

And give you another “Fat & Gigantic” reason why you absolutely must act right now.




As a part of this special “Now Or Never” sale…



Simone is going to flat out give you 3 Super Bonuses worth $111 once you enroll in the “Lovetraction Lines” course right now.


First, you’ll get her “Tiger By The Tail” method report worth $37 in value.

Are you stuck in a complex situation, because there is another woman in the picture…

And your man seems to like HER, a lot more than he likes YOU?

The “Tiger By The Tail” method, will make him feel that his heart belongs to you…

And will evoke that special feeling within him which makes him feel like he’s starting to fall in love with you all over again.

In fact, he will start to feel a little turned off by the very idea of other women.

And will tell you that you are the only woman he wishes to hold on to for the rest of his life.



Next, you’ll get the “Crystal-Ball” report worth $37 as well.

Do you really really like a guy & feel that the two of you will be absolutely perfect together…

But he can’t see that and just isn’t ready to get into a relationship with you?

The crystal ball method triggers a hidden loophole in his mind known as his secret commitment instinct.

This leads to a spontaneous reaction in his brain, his heart will start to beat faster, his pulse will begin to race…

And he will find himself constantly pursuing you, needing you & wanting you all the time.




And finally, you’ll get the “Mind Switch-Over” report worth $37 in value as well.

Would you like your man to always do what you expect him to do or change his mind about something?

The mind switch method will give you almost hypnotic powers over him.

Use this method when he is pulling away & almost instantly, he will desire you with a sudden fierceness that he has never known before.

Every minute of every single day, he will just experience an intense and almost overwhelming urge to fulfill your needs…

And will ensure that a smile never leaves your face.



Okay, now let’s do some simple math.

You’re getting the “Lovetraction Lines” program worth $497.

The “Tiger By The Tail” method report worth $37.

The “Crystal-Ball” report worth $37.

And finally the “Mind Switch-Over” report worth another $37 which comes to a combined total of $608 for all the courses.

But today as a part of this special “Now Or Never” sale…

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Many women have paid Simone $497 in the past & even had to wait many months to finally get a spot in her seminar.

She’s terribly concerned & scared that her previous clients might find out about this.

Therefore, we’re basically working on a first come, first serve basis, and the slots are going to be limited.

Since you’re still watching this video, it means that your slot is still open and this is your chance to access the program.

However, if you need to think it over and are planning on coming back later, then we’ll probably offer your slot to someone else…


And you might not be able to get access to this program at all.


It’s possible that we might shut down access to this course soon…

Maybe even in the next couple of hours, I just can’t promise anything.

There are a large number of women currently watching this video and if you don’t act by the end of this video…

Then we’ll be forced to offer your slot to someone else & you will miss out on your one & only chance.

So here’s what you need to do now:

Simply click the “Add To Cart” button below and we’ll guide you through the whole checkout process.

We accept credit card, debit card or paypal and the whole process is extremely simple and completely safe…

Because our payment processor “Click Bank” uses a secure server which keeps your information completely confidential & secure.

In fact, it’s far more secure than using your credit card at a shopping mall, restaurant or a gas station.

Once you enter your payment details, you will be instantly taken to a DOWNLOAD page…

Where you will be given immediate access to the complete “Lovetraction Lines” program along with the bonuses.

Good enough?

So now it’s time to decide, are you in or are you out?

We’re at a stage where you need to make a choice and you have only 2 choices.

The first choice is that you listen to the inner skeptic within you, and leave this page.

Completely forget that I ever told you about “Lovetraction Lines”.

And go back to spending your days the same old way where you wait and watch time go by each day…

Hoping & praying that some day by pure luck or accident that one special man might care for you.

And maybe, just maybe give you the love you’ve always dreamed of.

Now that sounds really painful doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be because…

You could make the completely painless, smart and the most “CORRECT” choice…

Which is the second choice by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below & enrolling in the “Lovetraction Lines” program right now.

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And to top it all, you have a full 60 days to try this out. So you have absolutely zero risk.

The whole course is extremely fun & ridiculously easy. I mean you can go through it in less than one evening.

So go hit that “Add to Cart” button below and I’ll see you on the inside.





If you have any questions please contact us at- help@lovetraction.com